Thursday, January 17, 2008

Romney takes Michigan

Not a big surprise, but he had a more-than-comfortable margin at 39 to McCain's 30 percent of the voice. Romney is beginning to come off a bit like a politician who will say anything to get elected.

In Michigan, he was saying "Michigan is in my DNA," but as soon as that contest was over, he goes to South Carolina and all of a sudden, "What Michigan?"

Clinton's ascendancy (version 2.0) is troubling. Karl Rove the other night was licking his lips over the Clinton performance in Michigan, saying that the 39% who voted "Other" rather than voting for her, showed that she can barely win against "nobody." Typical for Rove, he was ignoring the fact that the other campaigns were telling their voters to vote for "Other" (really, "Uncommitted"), and that nothing can be concluded from an uncontested (by "everybody") contest! Rove is the king of spin, king of liars, and I hope he dies of asscancer.

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