Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fuck You, Right Wing Assholes.

I haven't spent much time worrying about politics since the election because I just have so many other things to deal with in my daily life. Since that time, I have watched President Obama excoriated and flat out lied about by the likes of The Cunt, Buttercup, and Lush Bimbo, among many, many others. This has gone on ever since he took office and has only crescendoed during the health care reform efforts.

But it took the Haiti earthquake and subsequent human tragedy to bring me out of my shell. We've seen ASSHOLES like Lush, Pat Robertson, the fucking asshole from Iowa Steven King (R-of course) blaming the victims and otherwise revealing their black withered hearts and soulless cores.

These people are fucking scum. I'm tired of this horse shit. This is not the time to shit on the human tragedy unfolding in Haity, and score points with your racist scumbag white republican fellows. Well, no time is a good time for that.

There is no rest for the wicked, which is why you see these right wing fucks all over the news being who they really are: disgusting wastes of airspace.

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