Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain's Shameful, Desperate Decline

John McCain has become a parody of his former self. With his latest campaign strategy lurch into the gutter, he has truly lost all credibility. I cannot believe he is actually doing this. It is such a shame.

With the pick of Palin, we saw the beginning of the end for McCain. He pulled a desperation move with his capricious and risky pick of Palin, and the lurching from one ill-considered tactic to another since then has shown McCain to be unsteady and erratic.

My feeling now is that we have never really known the real McCain, and we are only getting to know him now. What we are finding out is that he is lead only by naked ambition and lust for power. He will truly stoop to any level to serve his own agenda, and his agenda is John McCain.

The entire "Country First" mantra, we can see now, is but a facade, an illusion, a slick bit of marketing copy designed to fool the right wing hyperpatriots into believing in him. His entire political career since he returned from Vietnam has been built on the illusion that McCain is in government to serve the interests of the American people, but we can now see that John McCain has only ever been interested in serving himself. That entire line of "maverick reformer" is and has always been just more slickly pronounced advertising copy, trying to sell the product that is John McCain.

Mr. McCain, you have shown us with your ridiculously cynical and irresponsible pick of Sarah Palin as your VP candidate, your erratic and capricious campaign, your many lies, flip-flops, and reversals, and now the most recent desperate and panicked slide into the most base smear tactics against your oponent, you have shown the American people that you are UNFIT TO SERVE.

The only honorable thing you could do at this point is drop out of the race, concede to Obama, and apologize to the American people for the hideous mockery you have made of yourself.

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