Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fuck You, Right Wing Assholes.

I haven't spent much time worrying about politics since the election because I just have so many other things to deal with in my daily life. Since that time, I have watched President Obama excoriated and flat out lied about by the likes of The Cunt, Buttercup, and Lush Bimbo, among many, many others. This has gone on ever since he took office and has only crescendoed during the health care reform efforts.

But it took the Haiti earthquake and subsequent human tragedy to bring me out of my shell. We've seen ASSHOLES like Lush, Pat Robertson, the fucking asshole from Iowa Steven King (R-of course) blaming the victims and otherwise revealing their black withered hearts and soulless cores.

These people are fucking scum. I'm tired of this horse shit. This is not the time to shit on the human tragedy unfolding in Haity, and score points with your racist scumbag white republican fellows. Well, no time is a good time for that.

There is no rest for the wicked, which is why you see these right wing fucks all over the news being who they really are: disgusting wastes of airspace.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain's Shameful, Desperate Decline

John McCain has become a parody of his former self. With his latest campaign strategy lurch into the gutter, he has truly lost all credibility. I cannot believe he is actually doing this. It is such a shame.

With the pick of Palin, we saw the beginning of the end for McCain. He pulled a desperation move with his capricious and risky pick of Palin, and the lurching from one ill-considered tactic to another since then has shown McCain to be unsteady and erratic.

My feeling now is that we have never really known the real McCain, and we are only getting to know him now. What we are finding out is that he is lead only by naked ambition and lust for power. He will truly stoop to any level to serve his own agenda, and his agenda is John McCain.

The entire "Country First" mantra, we can see now, is but a facade, an illusion, a slick bit of marketing copy designed to fool the right wing hyperpatriots into believing in him. His entire political career since he returned from Vietnam has been built on the illusion that McCain is in government to serve the interests of the American people, but we can now see that John McCain has only ever been interested in serving himself. That entire line of "maverick reformer" is and has always been just more slickly pronounced advertising copy, trying to sell the product that is John McCain.

Mr. McCain, you have shown us with your ridiculously cynical and irresponsible pick of Sarah Palin as your VP candidate, your erratic and capricious campaign, your many lies, flip-flops, and reversals, and now the most recent desperate and panicked slide into the most base smear tactics against your oponent, you have shown the American people that you are UNFIT TO SERVE.

The only honorable thing you could do at this point is drop out of the race, concede to Obama, and apologize to the American people for the hideous mockery you have made of yourself.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton to finally drop out of the race...

Finally, we can move on to the business of winning in November. I was never too hot on Obama, but he's the choice the voters have made (despite Clinton's idiotic insistences otherwise). It is interesting that Obama's resume has a lot in common with another Illinois senator from our history: Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an Illinois legislator, then elected to the Senate for a single term, then ran for president. Even most Republicants would concede that even with that "thin" resume, he was unquestionably one of the greatest presidents in our history. It is a clear example of the content of the candidate's character, his resolve and judgement, that truly makes the potential for greatness. McSame has a ton of experience, but he wants to stay in Iraq 100+ years, opposes the new GI Bill, and favors keeping George W. Botch's disasterous economic policies going. In the contest of ideas, judgement and character far outweigh a candidate's level of experience in my view. Obama isn't perfect; I would like to hear him talking about concrete issues much more often, but the alternative from the Republicants makes me nauseous and disgusted.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Picking up after a long hiatus...

Well, fast forward a few months, and we find ourselves locked in a battle for the Democratic nomination. Hillary is trying to pull a rabbit out of a teaspoon, talking about the popular vote and seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. This is of course a direct contradiction with her previous statement where she said, "Well, you know, It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything," referring to the Michigan voting. Now, of course, she wants the votes to count. Clear self-serving hipocracy. Shameful and embarrasing for the party and herself.

My confidence in Obama is also quite thin. I just don't see him as a formidable candidate. The media love-fest we saw earlier this year is clearly over, and as coverage becomes more negative his fortunes seem to slip. Clinton continues to raise questions about him and his vague "change" message is getting tired. I would like to hear some specific policy statements from his podium rather than just more vague statements about moving forward in a new direction. WHAT new direction are you talking about, sir?

McCain continues to embarrass himself with gaffes over the troop levels in Iraq and continuing to mistake sunni and shiites for each other. This from the supposed experienced military guy. Either he is truly getting too old for the office or is just stupid. One wonders whether he may even be stupider than GW Bush. Bush's problem seems to be a generally poor relationship with the English language (nu-ku-lar, anyone?), rather than an actual lack of intelligence. McCain, on the other hand, with his continued factual gaffes and conflations, just seems out of it in general. On top of all of that, his ham-handed pandering to the right wing clearly shows this is not the McCain of 2000. The 2008 version is disappointingly predictable.

One last note about the new GI Bill currently in the Congress. McCain (and Bush) is ridiculously hypocritical on this one, and one wonders what the true motivation for opposing it is. He (and Bush) complain that it is too expensive, and will affect retention. This is tantamount to saying that our men and women who fought for us (ostensibly) in Iraq just don't deserve to be taken care of when they get back. Not only that, but we want to make the civilian world less attractive to them so they feel trapped in the military if they want to have secure futures. What a load of bull. Either you support our troops or you do not. It is so easy to SAY you support the troops, make speeches, wear lapel pins, etc. But when the rubber hits the road and it comes time to put your (our) money where your mouth is, it suddenly all goes out the window. The truth is, these young people deserve our support when they get back, whatever the cost is. This is just another cost of the war that we will have to bear, but in this case its also an investment in all our futures as the money invested in these veterans will surely stimulate the economy far more than issuing refund checks to the general populace. That I believe is a very stark difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are willing to INVEST in our people and infrastructure whereas Republicans are not.

The opposition to the new GI Bill also ignore the obvious counter-point to the retention "issue", which is the boon it would be for recruitment!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Romney takes Michigan

Not a big surprise, but he had a more-than-comfortable margin at 39 to McCain's 30 percent of the voice. Romney is beginning to come off a bit like a politician who will say anything to get elected.

In Michigan, he was saying "Michigan is in my DNA," but as soon as that contest was over, he goes to South Carolina and all of a sudden, "What Michigan?"

Clinton's ascendancy (version 2.0) is troubling. Karl Rove the other night was licking his lips over the Clinton performance in Michigan, saying that the 39% who voted "Other" rather than voting for her, showed that she can barely win against "nobody." Typical for Rove, he was ignoring the fact that the other campaigns were telling their voters to vote for "Other" (really, "Uncommitted"), and that nothing can be concluded from an uncontested (by "everybody") contest! Rove is the king of spin, king of liars, and I hope he dies of asscancer.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clinton Upset Stunner!

Clinton pulls out a surprise victory! I guess her passion finally showed, and the persistent message of experience and readiness finally had something to connect to the amorphous theme of "Change." I am thinking of the anger outburst at the NH debate where she insisted that change takes hard work and persistence. That and her 'emotional breakdown' yesterday might have sealed the deal.

I am glad that Obama is going to have to work for his victory, if it is coming now, and not just slide through unchallenged. I still dont want Hillary to win, as I still believe it is one of Karl Rove's wet dreams to get her as an opponent next fall.

I want Obama to sit down and have those marathon policy talks that Clinton was having, and talk about actual specifics instead of glowing but empty genereralities. It is also clear that the question oft asked in punditland of whether the Clintons want to be the ones to stop the possibility of the first 'real' black president, of being the team that stops that "dream" from being fulfilled, has been answered in the staunch affirmative.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Republicans Fear Obama

Is that reason enough to support him? The CNN Political Ticker today reported that Obama "doesnt have the baggage" that Clinton has, would not bring out their base like she would, and is "potentially more electable than Bill Clinton" was.

The Obama wave even impresses the Repubs. As I noted yesterday, even the Republican candidates McCain and Huckabee made note of same on Saturday night. He has clearly inspired a wave of support, and by the latest polls has the momentum. (Said polls have both Clinton and Edwards slipping.) He even draws more Republican support than some Republican candidates. (Five percent vs. Hunter and Thompson, both at 1%.)

We'll see how long it lasts. This wave is sure to crash at some point. Frontrunner status comes with a great big target on your back. After tomorrow's results, in which Obama is sure to trounce his competition, I predict the Republican machine will get over their starry-eyed fascination and begin to attack in earnest. Maybe it will take them finding their own frontrunner first, but I don't think Obama will remain unchallenged for long (from that side).

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