Monday, January 7, 2008

Republicans Fear Obama

Is that reason enough to support him? The CNN Political Ticker today reported that Obama "doesnt have the baggage" that Clinton has, would not bring out their base like she would, and is "potentially more electable than Bill Clinton" was.

The Obama wave even impresses the Repubs. As I noted yesterday, even the Republican candidates McCain and Huckabee made note of same on Saturday night. He has clearly inspired a wave of support, and by the latest polls has the momentum. (Said polls have both Clinton and Edwards slipping.) He even draws more Republican support than some Republican candidates. (Five percent vs. Hunter and Thompson, both at 1%.)

We'll see how long it lasts. This wave is sure to crash at some point. Frontrunner status comes with a great big target on your back. After tomorrow's results, in which Obama is sure to trounce his competition, I predict the Republican machine will get over their starry-eyed fascination and begin to attack in earnest. Maybe it will take them finding their own frontrunner first, but I don't think Obama will remain unchallenged for long (from that side).

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