Friday, January 4, 2008


To me, the discussion between baseball, football, someone elses' football, and the like misses the boat. Pro sports are BORING compared to my "sport" of choice, the big-time of all big-times: presidential politics.

OK, i can see many of you laffing out loud at that. :P But since I was a kid I always watched the presidential "season" on tv with rapt attention. I would even make my own electoral maps, etc.

Anyways, THIS season is particularly fun because there was no clear frontrunner, and each candidate has various strategic weaknesses and its just a lot of fun to watch it all play out. To me, anyway. :P

I say "was" no clear frontrunner, because last night Iowa made their picks. On the Democratic side, Obama raped and killed both Edwards (my pick) and Clinton, the once-annointed queen who crashed and burned, landing in third. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney, the GOPs presumed favorite, also crashed and burned, losing to Mike Huckabee, a look-im-a-Christian-too former preacher and former Governor of Billy and Hilly Clinton's home state of Arkansas! Billy and Mike are even from the same home town, Hope.

Being an Edwards man, I was glad to see him come out on top of HillyBilly. I can't think of a worse disaster for Democrats than to make her the Democrat's candidate for the presidency. All you have to do is listen to a little right-wing talk radio, and they cannot wait to sink their teeth into her. There would be no bigger strategic mistake than to give that gift to the Republicans, for nothing else would motivate their base with such Devil-fighting glee than to make her the Democratic choice.

As I say, I am an Edwards man. I am glad to FINALLY see a Democrat with a little backbone, call out the system for what it is: Totally CORRUPT. The govt has been bought and payed for, and ONLY Edwards has been ballsy enough to SAY SO. He also has experience actually fighting corporate evil-doers in court, and winning!

It would be exciting to see a truly populist message such as his succeed. Obama seems to have the momentum, however, especially in the corporate media. Even NPR cut off Edwards' "victory" speech halfway through, just to blather about the horserace aspects of the event.

Obama, unfortunately, appears to me to be a very very good speech maker, but what else is there? We hear he is for "change", but change to what? I think Obama will probably try to pick up some of Edwards' populism, trying to steal his thunder a bit. On the other hand, what Obama is doing seems to be working, so why mess with it?

Iowa this year was also remarkable for amazingly high turnout, up 93% on the Democratic side compared with '04: 239,000. Only about half of that showed up to caucus on the Republican side.

As humiliating as it must have been for HillyBilly to lose, I hope she sticks around as long as possible. It gives the right-wing machine something to gnash their teeth over while the process rolls on....

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