Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clinton Upset Stunner!

Clinton pulls out a surprise victory! I guess her passion finally showed, and the persistent message of experience and readiness finally had something to connect to the amorphous theme of "Change." I am thinking of the anger outburst at the NH debate where she insisted that change takes hard work and persistence. That and her 'emotional breakdown' yesterday might have sealed the deal.

I am glad that Obama is going to have to work for his victory, if it is coming now, and not just slide through unchallenged. I still dont want Hillary to win, as I still believe it is one of Karl Rove's wet dreams to get her as an opponent next fall.

I want Obama to sit down and have those marathon policy talks that Clinton was having, and talk about actual specifics instead of glowing but empty genereralities. It is also clear that the question oft asked in punditland of whether the Clintons want to be the ones to stop the possibility of the first 'real' black president, of being the team that stops that "dream" from being fulfilled, has been answered in the staunch affirmative.

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