Friday, January 4, 2008

An Open Letter to the Clinton Supporters

There would be no greater gift that we Democrats could give the Republicans this fall than to nominate Hillary Clinton as our candidate for the presidency. I listen to a lot of right-wing talk radio, and believe me, they'd like nothing less.

Make no mistake, they would attack Obama, and Edwards, without a doubt. You would hear "Hussein" and "Trial Lawyer" more than "Liberal" and "Taxes". (You may yet!) But there is nobody that raises the ire of the right wing attack dogs, the blood right-wing machoconservative base of the Republican evil-right, than our old dear Lady.

I saw Hilly at UCSB back in the '92 days, and her speech before the entire campus was a huge hit. I, at that time, was a koolaid-drinking Clintonite of the Nth degree. I even thought NAFTA was a good idea. :P

In any event, I've been a Clinton supporter, and am still a supporter of Bill Clinton's. I think he did a fantastic job as president, considering the distractions he had to deal with. Was he perfect? Hardly. But the fact that he left us a budget surplus and expanding economy, he did pretty damn good.

Now Hilary, she is no Bill. Fully half the population has already said they wont vote for her. Why start yourself out with a huge strategic disadvantage? Not only is the population predisposed not to vote for her, but the right-wing machine is salivating at the mouth over the prospect.

Its time for the Clinton-supporters to give up on HillyBilly. In an election about Change, nobody wants to Change Back.

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