Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton to finally drop out of the race...

Finally, we can move on to the business of winning in November. I was never too hot on Obama, but he's the choice the voters have made (despite Clinton's idiotic insistences otherwise). It is interesting that Obama's resume has a lot in common with another Illinois senator from our history: Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an Illinois legislator, then elected to the Senate for a single term, then ran for president. Even most Republicants would concede that even with that "thin" resume, he was unquestionably one of the greatest presidents in our history. It is a clear example of the content of the candidate's character, his resolve and judgement, that truly makes the potential for greatness. McSame has a ton of experience, but he wants to stay in Iraq 100+ years, opposes the new GI Bill, and favors keeping George W. Botch's disasterous economic policies going. In the contest of ideas, judgement and character far outweigh a candidate's level of experience in my view. Obama isn't perfect; I would like to hear him talking about concrete issues much more often, but the alternative from the Republicants makes me nauseous and disgusted.

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